Each One Help One

Each One Help One 

Volume 1 | Issue

May 25, 2020 

Each One, Help One 

Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.  By Erich Fromm 

We Are The Answer! 

Yesterday, I walked into the T-Mobile store. I met Crystal. Crystal started assisting me with my cell phones and devices. Crystal is a 25 year old single mom with a beautiful young daughter. She works two jobs to support herself, her daughter, and her mom. She started to share with me that she was having a tough day. She has been fighting for custody of her daughter with her ex abusive boyfriend. She went on to tell me that he almost beat her to death. She pointed to her right eye, “See this eye? It’s artificial. I’m lucky to be alive talking to you today.” Tears welled up into my eyes. I walked around the corner. I looked deep into her eyes and said. “I, too, was abused, but look at the strong woman I am today! I’m fulfilling all of my dreams, Crystal, and you are that girl too


You will make it and it will make you stronger than you know right now.” I went on to share that God wants to take the wheel of her life, so she doesn’t have to carry this burden on her own, just as she is and just where she is at. I went on to share that about 5 years ago I started my own journey to genuinely loving myself and letting God take the wheel of my life. It’s been the most amazing journey of my life! There’s been lots of happiness and lots of tears, but here I am! At that point her co-worker came out and started listening to our conversation. He came over to listen. I shared with them that one of my greatest new mantras is “EACH ONE, HELP ONE!” If we all, listened a little more to the needs of our brothers and sisters around us and loved a little more, we can change the world-one person at a time! I shared my lyric video “ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE” with Crystal and her co-worker. They stood at the counter watching and listening to the video. After, they both looked at me with tears in their eyes- They understood! “It’s all about the people. The people next to you. The people standing near you. The people hearing you.”  

Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time. By Ron Hall 

Together We Can Do This, It Starts With Me and You!

Have you ever thought to yourself why am I here? What is my purpose in this world? I have the answer! We are here to share Love and Light to everyone we encounter! Try it! Start being aware of those you meet and those that are sent to you throughout the day. Take an interest in others. Listen and just be open. When the doors open through conversations and connections listen to others story and be willing to be relatable to share yours too! We all have a story and your story may just be the story your brother or sisters around you need to hear! 

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