The G.S.D. (get sh**t done) Team!

My huge thanks to all my friends and associates who have worked behind the scenes to bring this music to the world.  It takes a village.  It's all about the people!!  Love you all! - Kristi

Thomas (Tas) Steves

Graphic Artist

"25 years of Commercial Art Design for Motion Pictures, Television, Live-Themed Entertainment and Consumer Products."

Jeanette ham

G.S.D. Director & Disc Jockey

Jeanette is a retired Army officer with 23 years military service. During her service she served as a signal operator and administrative officer.  Obtained her bachelorette degree in Business Administration from Methodist College in Fayetteville, NC,  Masters of Business Administration from University of Phoenix, Oklahoma and Information Security Certification from New Horizons, Richmond, Virginia.

As a lover of music, she has become a great disc jockey selecting music from all genres and elicits deep emotions; whether they are in a somber mood or in need of a hearty upbeat mood.  She has plays Touch Tunes where ever available selecting a variety of music that inspires others to sing-a-long.  Enjoying music and having a great ear throughout the years brings great joy to her and others.